Tuesday, January 20, 2009

J's Birthday!!

So as you may know J is yet another year older now. He celebrated a couple of weeks ago but I am finally posting about it now. I went with a winter-y theme making a mint green 'Happy Birthday' sign and wrapping his presents in winter-y paper. Oh and did he get a lot of presents, not a ton of expensive things but some nice stuff for his classroom, movies, even a new book. We went out to dinner at Fudrucker's (where I was still able to stay on my diet and J finally got the burger he had been craving) and I baked him a chocolate cake for dessert.

But on top of my efforts, friends and family sent him thoughtful presents as well. Including a Braves Potato Head that J still can't figure out how my mom got into that little box. Yes, I guess she is the wrapping queen this time. Even though he had to work J had a wonderful birthday and we are looking for many more like it. Now if only we could do such a good job with our anniversary next month. Hmm... better get on that.

Oh and Happy Birthday to all of my January peeps out there. I had no idea how many of you there are. So here we go: Happy Birthday day to Megan, Sagan , Jordi, Micheal, Charles, Alberto, Jim, and J! I know I am late for all of you but Happy Birthday anyway! I hope it was great!

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