Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sheep in Benicia?

Jason being a sweet heart, decided to take me to dinner tonight (we have massive coupons for Chevy's) and as we walked out to the car I looked at our lovely green hill and saw these little buggers... sheep and goats!!! Benicia is nothing if not agricultural so it came as a huge surprise to us. It turns out that they are cutting back the grass to keep it at handle-able levels (fire safety) and they are a very eco-friendly (and cheap) way of doing it. Not to mention sheep and goats are both easy to transport and cut grass the shortest of all domesticated grazers. They still have a lot of hill to go so I guess we will have some furry neighbors for at least the next few days. I wonder if I can get some of the wool to make into yarn? Do you think anyone would notice? ;)

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Christina said...

you could ask about when they would be sheared. out here its in a couple of months but back there it could be now-ish.