Friday, December 5, 2008

Benicia Christmas Tree Lighting

Last year was not much of a Christmas for Jason and myself. We spent it apart and even though we enjoyed our time with our families separately it would have been better together. Well that makes this year our first official Christmas and to jump start it we attended the Christmas Tree Lighting downtown tonight. Here is a picture of us with the tree (taken by Jason). Not the best picture but hey, at least we tried.

We also took a picture with Santa which I will scan in when I have a chance. Plus we ran into some friends while down at the tree lighting, just showing you how small of a town Benicia can be.

As for the rest of our Christmas spirit plans; today Jason bought me a white poinsettia (my favorite) and tomorrow we will (hopefully) buy our two Christmas trees, I have already removed all of our fall decor and started our wreath (pictures to be posted here and my other blog), and we are even listening to Christmas music now. Oh and we have our Christmas cards and letter all ready to go... they just need to be signed and assembled and they will be out the door to all of you soon. Maybe we will even have a Christmas party this year since we will have such a nice place to show off. I have a cookie exchange, which would help with hosting, and maybe a Christmas party too. As for Christmas itself, we spend Christmas eve eve with my immediate family, Christmas eve night with them for gift exchanges too, and Christmas day with my extended family. Jason will miss getting to spend this holiday with his family but money is tight this year and we don't have to fly to see my family, maybe next year for his.

Happy holidays all!


Christina said...

you two are goofy but cute. it snowed for the first time this year out here. woke up to beautiful flakes this morning.

angelabbf said...

I was there the same night! :)