Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ok this isn't much of a post but I needed something to do to make sure I did post tonight. I will add more later but just so you all know....

Yep that is right. I have written over 50,000 words in a novel and it is still not done (actually 50,032 words) and I posted everyday this month... even if some weren't that entertianing. I will be bakc later tonight with more but I wanted ot make sure the early to bed types got to know I finished both big writing goals this month... everything else not so much but at least this got done!

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Christina said...

go you! i almost never meet my writing goals. i try. but i usually fail. i think it's running all the dance groups and working on theatre shows that does it for me. i'm a little obsessive with my kids. oh well. at least i'm keeping them off the streets, right? of course you can add me. and i check it once a night so if you want someone to talk to i'm around. you can always call my cell too. so long as i'm not running a practice or a rehearsal i'll pick up. hope all is well.