Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mini life update November 22

If you missed the messages this week (all of which are below but still) I have decided to make a min update today. Not everything new about us has been mentioned but most of the good stuff has. So Jason got a job working at AHS as an English teacher in some capacity, right now 9th through 11th grades but when the other teacher arrives this might change. We are also getting back pay from the district for unpaid health coverage, which is always nice. Lastly, in what you should know, we have received the wedding photos... the professional ones! I promise they will be online sometime soon and at Thanksgiving too.

Now about the stuff you might not know. So I have passed the half way mark for my novel in NaNoWriMo (about a week too late) but I am still in the running. I am now about 10,000 words behind but if I can make a big push the next couple of days I might make it. Jason is coming down with something and I still have a horrible persistent cough. Bianca is more and more difficult each morning when we put her out, meaning the cold weather has officially hit. I am still looking for a job with no reliable a leads, but good advice from my dad none-the-less. I am way behind in my book reading, so much so I didn't finish my book this month for the library book club and will probably not finish it for the Nest book club either. I have started attending a meetup group where there are lots of very nice women, we even crochet! However, the group might be disbanded soon :(. Oh and Jason has all of next week off for Thanksgiving break and my brother and SIL will be down to visit. I am way behind on everything but that is what December is for, right?

I think that is everything. I will add more as I think of it. Good luck and goodnight!

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