Monday, November 24, 2008

Not reading right now, boo!

So you might have noticed that last month I think I posted reviews about at least three (maybe four) books and this month I have only posted about one book. That is not because I haven't been blogging either. My to be read list is only getting longer but my reading time is getting shorter and shorter. With everything I have actually given up on my first two books in a long time. I gave up on Three Cups of Tea because I ran out of time with my checked out copy from the library. I was enjoying it so I think I will go back and finish it some day. And now I just gave up on Under the Banner of Heaven. I read most of the beginning and now that I know what it is all about and why they committed the murders and am through all of the creepy background on the fundamentalist Mormons I don't want to finish it. I hope to actually finish my next book The Borgia Bride, which I start tonight. I need a review soon or I might lose some of my readers I know and I promise one by the beginning of next month. At least I finished my wedding photo album tonight. Now just one more before Thanksgiving and then a break from pictures. Oh and I received the first set of my Christmas cards tonight and I love them! Just wait until you get to see them, I am sure you will love them. Ok must write another 500 words tonight and get some reading in. Night!

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Christina said...

good luck on all that. you're nuts. (but then again, that's why i love you.) take care other christina. :-)