Monday, November 10, 2008

Chicken Stir Fry

As we have been sick for the past two weeks I have not been cooking. Since we both felt better today I decided to start with an easy dinner. I made this stir fry in less then 30 minutes and only used what the sickies, us, had in the house. I will admit I cheated on the rice having Jason make it in our Pampered Chef microwave rice cooker but I think I get credit for the rest.
So to make this yummy, which my pictures never seem to portray but it is yummy and not yucky, dinner I broke out our wok and heated it with some Hosin sauce and a little dark soy sauce. I chopped up one large sweet white onion and a small red and orange bell pepper and added it to the heated wok. I also added a dash of Chinese Five Spice and some garlic, you can never have too much but I only did a little since we have been sick and I didn't want to over power it.
I cooked the onion and bell pepper for about five minutes just to get them cooking, we like very cooked onion. I then added two large chicken breasts, chopped up, and a little more Hosin and dark soy sauce to the chicken. I cooked for an additional ten minutes until the chicken was completely cooked through. I then threw in a bag of frozen mixed veges and cooked for about three more minutes.
Then just take off the heat and pour over rice and you have yourself a nutritious and easy meal. Jason didn't love all of the spices but I really enjoyed it. I guess next time just the dark soy for him, oh well. I hope you have some good times in the kitchen and I promise more exciting recipes in the future. I have a Stromboli and lasagna or cannelloni in my future.

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