Sunday, November 23, 2008

New blogs? Are you crazy?

Yes I just might be but good advice should be followed, no matter how hard it is to do. I have had a second blog for a while now (actually since I started this one) but if you look at it you will notice I haven't touched it in months (well almost). Since I have been crafting more and more I will be blogging about my crafts there soon. Sometimes I will even include patterns I have found somewhere (and are free to post) or ones I create (which will NOT be perfect). I am also about to launch a new blog (almost meaning in December) about something most people should find really interesting right now, my job search. I hope it will be a place for people to come and get advice or share advice about looking for a job. I will make notes about my own search and list anything I find helpful or hurtful on my attempts at being employed. I might even post jobs I have found that sound great but I can't apply for (not ones for me, do I really need more competition?). I hope this will up my readership, which I am sure it won't but at least I am trying. I hope you all enjoy it! Good luck in your own searches! Oh and I have now posted everyday of this month meaning I am right where I need to be for NaBloPoMo... maybe I can win that at least ;).

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