Friday, November 14, 2008

Is a house too much for me???

Today I spent the day helping my grandmother around the house. It was fun actually getting out and doing some home improvement work. I fixed most of her stairs up the hill, replaced batteries in the smoke detectors, fixed a hose line, and even snooped on the neighbors ;). I have been thinking about wanting a house for a while. In fact, Jason brings it up all of the time. I want one but seeing how much work is involved and looking at how much I already do with an apartment I don't think I am there yet. My best friend has a new home and she is enjoying it but I see how much work that is and wonder if I could do it alone? I don't think so. I want a house but is it possible to be more than just not financially ready for one? I know I am not ready for a child (WAY too much work and stress for me right now). Can you be that way with other forms of responsibility? Do you just know when you are ready, like I knew when I was ready to get married? I hope so. I love helping my grandmother and even my parents. That will have to be how I live my house dreams for now.

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