Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall Decor

A few days ago I changed the decor in our home from Halloween to just fall. Somethings go to stay but most things were changed out. I have included some pictures so you can see what we have up that makes our home more festive. I am sure the Christmas pics will be about ten blogs long... hope you are all up for that.

First up I have the shelves above our staircase. The first one got the addition of a nutcracker (a harvesting one so it is fall like) and a book about harvests and food. The second one got transformed into a a bird's paradise with lots of things to peck in a fall wonderland. Aren't my birdies cute?

Then, on the wall that was the haunted house I have put up a fall wreath (curtsy of Michael's) and some fall leaves to cover up the whiteness of the wall.

Lastly, I have the pillowcases I have made for fall. They are not very complex but I am proud of them. I just bought fabric to do new ones for winter. This is a lot of fun changing out the decor to go with the seasons. It is making our little space feel more like home. Now I just need to catch up on everything else in my life, like the novel and books to read. Not to mention... getting a job!

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