Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My County Test

Today was my testing day for the county job I am applying for. I was nervous about it and have been practicing online for the last week or so. They have tests available through the local library website (as I am sure they do all over the country) for all kinds of subjects. I have been focusing on the civil service test, one which I assume my test is modeled on. I passed the practice with a 97% (not too bad) and I have practiced my math, reading comp, and spelling and grammar to make sure was ready for today. The practice helped. Today went well, I think I did very well and should rank high enough to get an interview!!! The only part I was not prepared for was the part on interviewing skills. Oh well! At least I will be ready next time... but let's hope this one works and there is no next time!!

Wish me luck! I think I have this one. Yay! A job for me!

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