Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good news and better news!!

I have been having a rash of bad or not so good news lately. A book I ordered got sent to MA (stupid Amazon) and so did a video game Jason ordered. I didn't get a job I really wanted. Jason was being overlooked for a position he would be perfect for. AND THEN... a light at the end of the tunnel! Today we both (Jason and I) got letters saying our old district owes us money!!! Actually a few thousand dollars! That is fantastic and makes our lives just a little easier. And now to top it off, I just got my wedding pictures! I will post one on here tomorrow maybe (may even add one to this blog but after the fact). I am so happy. I am finally getting things done and making friends and our lives seem to be heading into a good time. Let's hope we get more good news as this week plays out. Maybe tomorrow or Friday I will hear about my job! Fingers crossed!!!

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