Friday, November 21, 2008

Yay me! NaNoWriMo update...

With little more than a week left I am finally catching up in my word count. What with job searching and other activities I have not been finding much time to write, but today I only wrote (ok well I spent like three hours looking for a job and I know I will kick myself in the butt when I have to do five hours tomorrow to catch up but still). See even Oprah approves that I haven't given up on something I really want to achieve. Now to start work on my online store.... hmm... Oh and Oprah, can my book be in your book club, like maybe this summer? I think I can have it ready by then. Ok must crochet and see husband at some point today. Yeah 5000 words in one day. So doable each day this weekend too... then I will almost be caught up! Maybe 8000 a day, but we will see!

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