Friday, September 5, 2014

Next we traveled to the Big Apple to see my cousin get married...

In 2012 we travelled to the Big Apple to see my cousin and his fiance tie the knot. Jason, who had grown up going to a pre-Julian NYC was hesitant to travel to a city he knew as filthy and crime ridden but it turns out the city is much nicer than he remembered. Before the wedding we had a nice New England dinner for out of towners. My brother couldn't make it but we had fun as the family without him, though I am sure we would have had more fun with him.

Dad and me ready to enjoy our Lobsta' Bake (I did live in Bawston, I know how to say these wowds).
My mom and her two sisters, also at the dinner! Aren't they cute in the bibs? That is the groom, my cousin, in the background talking with guests.
The wedding happened in a beautiful old cathedral and the reception was in a really cool old building. All in all it was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride and groom. It was also nice to see the family for a nice trip to the city. The food was amazing, the venue was beautiful, and everyone had a blast! We wish them many, many years of happiness and love! This year they beat us to the punch to have the first great-grand baby! Obviously, the marriage is working out! Congrats cousins on the adorable baby!

Outside of the cathedral in the Upper Eastside. I found the passionflower outside the doors.

The inside of the cathedral. Isn't it a pretty alter? A lot bigger than I think I could handle for our wedding.
The wedding party! My cousins look adorable as groom and best man. My new cousin is a beautiful bride and her sister looks really nice too! They do look like the exact perfect wedding party for NYC! Elegant and not over done.
The bride and groom at their table being allowed to sit down at the reception. It was short lived but at least they did get to sit at least once!

After the fairytale wedding we spent the rest of the week exploring the city. We went to all of the BIG museums and enjoyed the park and some shopping. The whole city was so friendly and easy to travel around. At no point did we see the city you see in Law and Order. I was impressed and we had a great time. Maybe one day we will go back to visit, even with Jason's dislike of big cities. Though this year we will miss my other cousin getting married to his fiance in what I am sure will be another elegant affair in the city.

Me exploring one of the attractions in the park. This is the castle in the park. Not the greatest picture of me but it was a place to get some amazing views.
In the park they do have this amazing sculpture in the children's part. If you don't already know we are huge Alice in Wonderland fans... real Carolian fans! It is a beautiful sculpture and we hope to take our daughter to take a picture with it one day.
I am a huge fan of Tiffany and this was my favorite window at the Met! That was a museum we wish we could have had more time to explore but maybe we can return to see it again one day.

After we went to the wedding and spent a week in the we traveled up to Buffalo so Jason could see his father's side of the family. Jason's grandparents moved up to Buffalo the year before and are now over 100 years old each. It was so nice to finally meet Jason's extended family. We also took a side trip to Niagra Falls. It was beautiful and now I understand why people have wanted to get married here and find this a very romantic spot.
The falls looking out toward Canada.
The rainbow is a common sight around the falls.
This was a wonderful trip to New York. I still do not love the humidity of the East Coast and have no interest in living there, but maybe visiting in the fall again would be nice. Only two more years of vacations to share.

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