Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We're having a baby!

We will skip the last two years of travel for a little bit as they are not coming along as I would like, but they will be up at some point soon. Instead let's focus on the reason I am blogging again after such a long absence. We're pregnant!

Yep after being married for over 6 years we will finally be turning this twosome into a real family with a mini-us that will consume all of our money, time, and love. That is pretty much what we want (except for the money part as retirement sounds super cool) so we couldn't be more excited, or nervous. And if you can't guess we are having a girl! Here is an ultrasound proving it, see no \boy parts!


Here is our baby with the first image we have for her that looks like a baby. It is a 3D scan from one of those elective ultrasound places. She is only about 17 weeks at this point so she appears super skinny and not fully formed or baby-like, but we think she is adorable.  you can actually see most of her in this image with her face toward the middle and she is smiling (and unlike the first smile we will see after she is born, she is most likely not having gas). Isn't she cute?!

As of right now we are past her due date of 9/9 but hope for her any day now. More about her birth, nursery, showers, life, etc to come in future posts so hang in there, I promise to come back once we have her with us!

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