Thursday, September 4, 2014

We also went on a tropical vacation...

You guessed it! This will be our 2011 family vacation to the tropical island of Maui! I love the beach and getting to vacation as a warm tropical beach with your loved ones is just the best! Obviously Jason needed to show is love for me in the paradise!

The hotel was very nice with a lazy river that Jason enjoyed both floating around and hanging out under the waterfalls in. Plus no chances of getting covered in sand, but also no fish.
We saw lots of wildlife on the trip. Here Jason is communing with a crane on the way to breakfast of fresh native fruit! The fruit was so good, it has been hard to eat tropical fruit at home, because it is just not as good.

We really enjoyed snorkeling around Black Rock, seen in the background behind the pool area, and saw some pretty awesome fish varieties, including Jason's favorite Picasso Triggerfish or the national fish of Hawaii, Humu humu nuku nuku apua'a. The flowers were amazing (I seem to love the tropical varieties best) and the whole trip was just so relaxing. We did not make it to the Hana Road, the car just didn't fit us well enough for that long of a drive, but we did go up to Io Needle.
Io Needle in the mist. It was warm and sunny just 20 minutes away from here. Isn't it pretty!

Mom and dad on the bridge to the needle. It seemed very unstable but they still stopped for a quick and cute picture for me.

Jason, not allowed to get into the HUGE waterfall up by the needle and the rushing river below it found a smaller one to stand in. He was determined to stand in a waterfall on his first trip to Hawaii. I guess I can't blame him. I am just glad he didn't get swept down stream in the big one.
We also visited the little town of Lahaina, where we shopped for suveniors and hung out under the banyan tree eating shaved ice (yum!). This is also where we went to our only Luau. It has excellent food and great entertainment, sad my dad had to miss it because he was not feeling well!

The huge banyan tree in the heart of Lahaina. Lots of people hanging out here and even a wedding taking pictures during one of our visits. Perfect place to people watch, and eat shaved ice.
The luau had some great hula! I kind of want to take classes since it looks like it requires loads of physical training and muscle control. Plus it looks really fun!
It was one of the most relaxing trips we have taken (much like the Alaskan cruise) and we were sad to have to leave the sand and sea to return home but I know we will be back again one day.

The ocean takes control over everything, erasing all traces that we were here.

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