Monday, September 1, 2014

And so my parents moved and I worked with NASA...

Sorry that I promised the Alaskan cruise and I still don't have it. I can't seem to find any of our pictures from that time. Not entirely sure how that happened. If I do ever find them (or give up and scan the few I do have) I will make a post about that. It was the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on and wish to do it again some day. I mean seriously, an open window to a cold breeze and a gently rocking ship leads to amazing sleep. I have not slept that much in my entire life. But more on that one day.

Let's move forward a year. In 2010, we decided to move closer to my job in Sacramento, so we left breezy Benicia for the warmer land of V-town. After moving into an apartment I traveled to visit my parents in their new home of blue bonnets. That summer I also got an opportunity to train with NASA to use new resources in the classroom. I also got to go to EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) festival in Oshkosh, WI. Both helped me to be a better science teacher and were fun but other than my parents moving far away 2010 was a relatively quiet year.

While at the training we got the opportunity to sit in the original flight control center at NASA. Where "Houston we have a problem" comes from. Nothing is still controlled from this room (probably best with a bunch of teachers playing around in there) but they have not completely cleaned it out either. Completely useless information, which someone might want, mostly data gathered about something filling binders on the sides of the desks. The drawers still have items you might find in any desk, like pencils and paperclips and plastic spoons. It was a fun place to watch Apollo 13 in as well, though we didn't end up fixing the problem, and I am not wearing a vest so I really don't deserve to be in this seat. 

Me getting into the Lunar Sample Vault

 We also got to go in and see, but not touch, the actual moon rocks. I have a picture of me in the lab with them but can't find it right now. If I find it I will add it later. All in all it was a great experience and added to all of the actual science training we did with the Lunar and Planetary Science Institute. It was super awesome to actually get to work with scientists from the field and teachers to develop loads of resources I now use in my classroom to teach all aspects of Physics and Astronomy.

Next up a more exciting year with 2011!

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