Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bathing The Cat

So I decided to start with some humor to kick off my return to blogging. I have two funny (at least to me) posts to share with you and I will start with my favorite one. A couple months back we discovered our beloved cat was covered in fleas. As she is a living thing and does not deserve to be infested with fleas we decided to take action: we bathed her.
As you can see she did not take it in stride but she also didn't fight. Just lots of mewing... I think she knows by now that the two of us will win and she will only have to endure it for longer if she fights. However....

When J tried to reconcile with her she was having none of it. She just stalked off and pretended not to know him. She is flea free but I don't think she has forgiven us yet. Oh well, her mewing as she was bathed will keep me in stitches for a while.
Tomorrow I will share something of my own hair fail. Oh, and maybe even a little post about my birthday! The festival of me is not over yet but it has been going strong and I do have some great pictures and stories to share.
More later....

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