Monday, June 8, 2009

We're going to lake Tahoe and we're gonna get mar-air-aired....

OK not really since we are already married but I did want to get married there... actually I wanted to elope but that didn't happen, and I am happen it didn't. So J has never been to Lake Tahoe (I used to go at least every other summer) and we found amazing prices at one of the casinos at South Lake (my favorite part of the lake). It really is an unbelievable deal and to top it off J is preparing a list and check sheet for packing and traveling... I usually do that but now I can just relax and enjoy the trip because someone else is being the planning guru!!!! I love J!!!

This is our first real trip (though we did go to Maine and to visit MIL when we lived on the East Coast but nothing huge). This is also the first trip since we got married, no honeymoon only a wedding night stay over, so this is like our mini-moon. Actually, this and Oregon will constitute our first family trip as a family... no the cat is not coming.

I hope the weather is nice enough to be outside. I will post pics and tell you all about it when we get back... and maybe I will even start my third and final blog... my book blog.

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