Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Lake Tahoe Trip

So we just got back from our trip (OK a couple of days ago but still). We had a blast, everything except for the horrible beds... way too soft for us... was wonderful. I got two huge blisters on the first day and suffered the rest of the time (serves me right). But we did and saw a good deal. We won about $15 and only gambled $10 (so we came out ahead).

Above is the view from our room (part of it). I was really surprised that we got a partial lake view for our price. Mont Bleu was actually pretty nice and quiet... however, there was no one there. The clubs all seemed closed and the buffet wasn't open either. I am sure once season really starts in a week or so it will improve.

We also traveled to see Emerald Bay but did not hike down to it (the road was under construction and we didn't want to get trapped and have to circle the lake). Jason even found an interesting plant to investigate. We would have hiked more (like to the waterfall across 89 from the bay) but my blisters were killers and we didn't want to make them worse.

We also tried to eat at some interesting restaurants. We tried the Forest Buffet (at the top of Harrahs) which has an amazing view and not too bad of a price, and Fire + Ice, which is more of a sports bar but does have nice beer on tap and the Mongolian BBQ is fun (but very expensive). We also ate at my favorite breakfast place, Heidi's. This is us... the only picture we have of both of us from the trip. I guess we will have to try harder next time.

Now we need to prepare for our next adventure... the Pacific Northwest: Portland, Seattle, Canada, and Alaska (last two by cruise) and maybe even the California Redwoods. Any ideas for what we need to see?

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It looks like a lovely time!