Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Tube Sock Hair Curler Fail... sort of

Summer brings out the side of me that wants desperately to look pretty and feminine. I know this usually happens to most people in Spring but coming from a place where Spring and Winter are much the same it is the Summer heat that changes my mood. So I have begun working out (more about that another time) but I have also been reading lots of articles on how to take care of yourself and look better. Something I am always trying to better is my difficult hair. It is naturally blonde (formal English feminine) so it has been darkening ever since I hit adulthood (college) and I hate the color it is becoming but I don't want to dye it the rest of my life (more on that later too). It is also incredibly full (lots of hairs) but very thin and delicate hairs (fine) which means I have a ton of it but I can't do anything with it without a warehouse of styling products (which I hate) so I usually just give up. Below you can see what I usually look like... except it is almost in a pony tail or bun now-a-days since I have given up. But not pretty huh?
So, again I was reading articles and I came across one in Health Magazine (I think this month but don't quote me). Anyway, it had lots of advice on how to care for hair and one of the recommendations was to curl it wet while you sleep... but not with foam curlers... with tube socks!! So I dug into our sock drawer and I only had one pair of tube socks left from my college days (when I wore them to games all the time... really school spirited... don't mock me, not everyone can dress as the school mascot).
Well I put one sock on each side of my head and tied it up. Did I mention I have a ton of hair? Well I might have had too much for only two measly socks. I added texture gel hoping it would help. J did make fun of me because I was a very convincing Princess Leia.
Don't make fun of the pictures... this is me pre-make-up and I know it is not pretty... see the face... not pretty and I know it ;). Anyway it was incredibly comfortable... something foam curlers are not. However, my hair did not dry completely over night so I had to help it along with a little cold air blow dry. Which dried it but I don't think it helped it. Darn humidity... don't they know CA is not supposed to be humid?
So I took it out and well... it was wavy but also a tangled mess! So yes it has texture but there was nothing I could do with it. I ran out of the door a little late to meet J for lunch and yes it looked OK but by the time I got to lunch it was just a hot mess. I should have combed it out first... which will be fun to remedy tonight, not. So I will try this again but maybe I need a few more tube socks... like at least one more pair.
So what have we learned? Use more than one pair of tube socks, comb out your hair first and let it dry a little bit, and... my hair is destined to be a hot mess.... poor hair. It needs a trim and at least a wash out color. I will try again after I cut and color it and maybe it will work better. Try it out and let me know if anyone else has better results!
Off to try and fix this.... this rat's nest I call hair.. ::sigh::
Happy Hair Days... please!


Christina said...

well, you know i always think you're pretty but if you want to lighten your hair and make it look natural use a mixture of 1/2 salt water and 1/2 lemon juice. Put it in a spritzer, spray down your unwashed hair, go outside and catch some rays for a few hours, go in and wash and condition but don't blowdry your hair. i did that for my friends when we were young and it always worked for the ones with your colouring to make it lighter again.

Boupie said...

Thanks for the advice. I still haven't decided abouty what I am going to do but the color difference is really bothering J now... stupid boy! Hope to see you at some point!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...what an interesting experience! How about a curling iron? :)

Anonymous said...

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