Sunday, June 28, 2009

Portland Trip Update

So we have been in Oregon three days and already gone into Portland two times (we did drive through part of Portland on the way in so I guess we have been to Portland everyday... sorta anyway). We have been to Powell's World of Books (could live there), Portland Art Museum, the Waterfront, The Saturday Market, Rock Bottom Brewery (good Belgium but only seasonal), Pizza Schmizza (the best pizza ever), and Washington Park. It has been so much fun and people are so nice. Plus they always answer your questions without you needing to ask (the sort of listen in to your conversations so be careful, though the advice and info is cool). The Max is great too!

There are tons of pictures and stories to come but I just wanted to try my new mobile blogger and give you a little teaser while I am away. More soon!

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Mama D and Little Z said...

Hi C just catching up on your posts! Glad you are having fun, i tried mobile blogger tonight so I FINALLY got my posts up. I think I will mobile blog more often. Post some pics when you can!