Thursday, October 16, 2008

Apple Hill

So on Monday (not today obviously but I am trying to catch up) I went up to Apple Hill with my friend Sherri and her children and friends. It was blast! Honestly I wish we could have had more time and that I had taken more pictures. I will post one from the skit the kids did (one of several) on the stage at Rainbow Orchards, where we got the yummiest apple donuts. Here the kids are finishing the skit where they got to eat an apple donut (which was being the raccon poop... it was cute and I think I did it in outdoor camp).

We also visited Larsen Apple Barn, where we had lunch in at the park across the street and went through the museum. I really liked Larsen's because of the nice setting and lack of crowds (Monday was a holiday). I aslo got a 20 lb. box of Granny Smiths for $15!!! Jason and I have already eatten serveral and I need to make a pie quick or we will have none left!!

Lastly, we visited High Hill, which I liked but just had too much going on. The fishing pond, which was very obviously stocked, was coll to look at but it cost soo much money. It was $50 to fish all day and throw it back or $8.50 for a pole and $5.00 a lb to fish. If you threw it back without permission it was $100 fine!!! I guess we won't fish there. But they had an awesome fudge shop with yummy carmel apples (Sherri shared part of her Apple Pie one with me and I almost died). They also have lost of crafts, including gourd penguins!!! I almost bought one and then thought better of it. They had a hay ride all of the kids wanted to go on so I got a little break from the little ones but it was very fun.

I really did enjoy my trip and am now enjoying my apples and apple cider (Barsotti's is the best!) and wish I could go again. It was also fun to have the kids around. I don't need any yet but this helps when I start thinking about it... I can just remember giving them back at the end of the day and the satasfaction I had in that. Maybe one day....

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