Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Jason is the English major not me. However, I want to write a novel. Yes I know I don't have much to write about but I want to try. I have a ton of ideas but I am not sure I can turn it into a 50,000 word novel that someone might read in a month. I am going to try though. I know some of the ladies doing it (mostly from the nest) and there is a local group for me to get support from. I don't have a genre or much of an idea yet but I am working on it. I will keep you all up-to-date with it. If you want more information about it check out the link in the title. You will also notice I have a new gadget on the side which shows how many words I have and my friends have so far. Ok send me some creative thoughts and no you cannot read it yet!

Off to think on a topic.... Wish me luck!!!

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