Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our First Blog

Ok so this is not our first blog. I mean he is not writing this nor will he probably read this... even if I ask him to. This is just not his thing. However, this is my thing and I am very happy about that. I hope to keep everyone informed about our lives and the day-to-day (or week-to-week) happenings at the Moratuk household. I hope to post pictures and the such to show what we are doing and what our place looks like.


A quick note though... for those who know my Jason know he did not like the name "Moratuks" for us but I think it allows me to still be me even though I am part of him now too. Please let me know about your thoughts on our name and if it seems like it bothers enough people I will try to come up with a new name. Thanks!!!

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