Monday, October 20, 2008

City of Ember

Ok so Jason and I went to go see a movie this weekend. We wanted to see "Burn After Reading" but could only find it on the other side of the bridge (not worth an extra $4 personally). Therefore, we had to come up with another choice. The only one that we could agree on was "City of Ember" which is based on a YA novel of the same name. I have never read the book but it sounded good. Plus it was supposed to be funny. I mean Bill Murray plays a good-for-nothing mayor of a city under ground. It should have been good. So we went to see it and the first thing we couldn't get past was how similar to Bioshock it was. We both liked playing Bioshock but it was very disturbing. (Look at the link if you don't believe us). Then the story seemed very discombobulated in parts and was very contrived toward the end. It is good if you can totally suspend disbelief, which Jason can not do. I think it could have been good but did fall flat. Too bad! At least we had a romantic outing together.

Oh and I totally do not recommend this movie for kids unless they can handle dark and a little negative.

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