Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Costumes anyone?

So while at the Dixon Corn Maze, which is held by Cool Patch Pumpkins, we thought about Halloween costumes. Jason kind of wants to be Oscar the Grouch with the full trashcan and all. I, however, do not want to be Big Bird or Oscar's little sister. I really want a couples costume... it would be my first one and as this will be the first Halloween as husband and wife I want it to be good. I think I will be this way with all of the holidays so be ready!

As we will be spending Halloween with our friends, the Sagans, we need good and maybe scary (but not too scary) costumes. Jason picked up this pumpkin and was contemplating putting it on his head... you know like the Headless Horseman. So would I need to be Ichabod Crane? I mean Johnny Deep did play that character so I guess I could. Or maybe I could be the witch that controls the Horseman... kind of like the Horseman's wife or something... hmm. I must think on this more.

We also saw these scarecrows. I had to take a picture in honor of Mike, who is a HUGE Nightmare fan. Maybe we could be Jack and Sally, just not as skinny. I could so make Sally's dress and a Santa costume is very easy to come by. I think that one might work too. What do you think?

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