Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthdays... I missed a few

Alright, I will admit I have missed (or been late for) some birthday's the last few months. It is almost as if this after-wedding brain fart has happened and I have not noticed we are now in OCTOBER!!! I was late for Nicole's (which she didn't seem to mind... thank goodness she is a very forgiving sort), and was almost late for Mark's (my own brother... I am lame). I have also missed lil' Andrews birthday (totally a brain fart since I was around when he was born). Fortunately, I should not miss the next few. I have two aunts with birthday's this week (Happy Birthday Pattie and Carolyn!) and Big Andrews birthday is next week (Happy Early Birthday!). I probably have more family members but I have misplaced my birthday calendar.... this means cleaning time!!! If I find more I will give more shout outs!!

Now I just need to hope I don't mess up next month! I just need to remember time does not stand still... we are no longer in August and I just haven't gotten that yet!

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