Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dixon Corn Maze

Today Jason and I tried our hand at the World's Largest Corn Maze!!! And we did it in less than an hour. The maze won the award of World's Largest in the Guinness Book of World Records last year at a whopping 40 acres. This year it has expanded to 43 acres. It has a ton of space to get lost in.

You start the maze going over a bridge and continue through trying to find each of the other bridges (we only found two but I think we were supposed to do that). There is an easy and a hard way to do the maze... to be honest I have no idea which one we did. It was fun and something Jason had been fighting for a while. But in the end even he enjoyed it.

As we continued through the maze Jason took the map, because he thought I would get us lost. He did have a few moments of confusion, like the one in the picture, but he ended up figuring things out OK.

Jason did a great job directing though. I think he was a little overwhelmed looking at all the corn and not seeing an easy path. You can see how huge it is and this was taken with us on a bridge and almost at the end.

We did end up finishing the maze in about 45 minutes. It would have been faster if I had not lost my sweater and Jason had us go back to look for it. After following me back through almost half of the maze we gave up. Poor sweater... never to be seen again. :(

We did finish it though and Jason was very proud of himself for it. I was very proud of him too! We made a great team and I can't wait for our next adventure!!!

By the way, this is the map. Look how hard to read and tiny everything is. Looks fun though. If it wasn't $10 a person we would so do it again. I just wish more of our friends had come with us.

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