Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jason the florist

So about two weeks ago we were preparing for our first set of dinner guests and decorating for fall. In doing so we bought lots of flowers from the local farmer's market and Jason went to town with them. I am starting to think he might have a special talent he has never shared before. Here are a few of the pictures I took back then.

This first arrangement is on our wine bar that helps to separate the living from dining space. You can see the little arrangement Jason made to go with it. The bow is all me (and yes I know I so could have done better but at least I tried). Also part of this decor (but you can't see it) are the Twilight books and a gargoyle. I think books (the one thing we have more of than sense) is an easy and fun way to decorate for the season. Plus it is a good topic of conversation. Oh and the Twilight books are still waiting to be read. Hopefully, the end of this month or next one will see a crack in the spine of them.

This next one is on one of the gallery shelves in our stairway. I think Jason made a grand total or ten arrangements (I am not sure). I am only showing a few here because I actually want people to read this. I really like this shelf because of the leaf garland (from Michael's) and the vulture just make this so cute to me. Jason hates the vulture because he thinks it is ugly... but it is a bird and I only dislike one kind of bird (the Mallard Duck). Oh and the plant on the right is from the Benicia craft fair a month back. Jason loved the pot and I liked the mixture of plants. It has a wandering jew, a spider, and something else.

This last one is from the quarter bath upstairs. It is tiny and a marvel of modern technology. Not the flowers but the bathroom is a engineering marvel ;) The flowers are beautiful though. I like how they look with the fall/scary candle. (The candle is one of the multi-color drip candles but only burnt part way).

With so many nice ones it was hard to only pick three. I will post more at a later date with some of our other fall/Halloween decor! Oh and a discussion of our doings over the last few days!

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